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Make Your 2017 Happen and Take Care of Your Travelers on a Cruise Trip

Welcome aboard Captain Jack's Cruise, where you will be the manager of Captain Jack who needs to manage everything on this amazing cruise. It's a large cruise ship and there's a lot on board, but Captain Jack puts you in charge of the restaurant cooking the food, the swimming pool and the wonderful casino. This is not a simple ship game and you need to work hard to make it positive.

Restaurant Game : In the restaurant section of the game, you'll need to work with the best culinary chefs to cook the best food for your inflight travelers. Cooking food is not a game, it is an art that needs to take care of the kitchen while cooking the game. The most important part is managing and upgrading the dishes and machines used to cook the food, Your chef has to be smart to win the cooking game of this restaurant game by cooking the perfect food at the perfect time and making your travelers happy and making as much money as possible.

Swimming Pool Games : In this part of the game you have to control the swimming pool on the ship. Many of these travelers are waiting to use your pool on your cruise ship and they need swimming accessories. In order to make them happy and earn a great income, provide them with all the accessories they need before entering this pool game.

Casino Games : This is the most exciting part of the game, the captain is sailing to the United States, you need to take care of the people who like to play the casinos, the slots make them feel like they are in Vegas, let them play the slots, spin and let some of them win the jackpot, Also let your big casinos shine with your luxury cruise to get the maximum tip, give them the tip they want before they get it, give them a real body of rotation experience, and don't forget to give Las Vegas travelers the casino prize. Become a successful manager and earn amazing tips.

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