Connect Peeps – A Hypercasual Game Prototype

Connect Peeps – A Hypercasual Game Prototype SELLUNITYSOURCECODE

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Technical info :

  • Requires Unity 2021.3.16f1 LTS or above
  • Open the project in unity
  • Open Level_1 scene
  • Enjoy


Dive into the colorful world of “ConnectPeeps,” a hypercasual game where you take on the role of the green capsule. Your mission is to connect islands by drawing lines and strategically using mathematical operations—multiply, divide, add, or subtract. The game combines elements of drawing, math, and education in a fun and engaging manner.

Outsmart your opponent by connecting islands strategically while employing basic mathematical operations. Each connection made multiplies, divides, adds, or subtracts the number of peeps on the connected islands. The peep who loses all their peeps first is declared the loser.


  1. Drawing: Connect islands by drawing lines between them.
  2. Math: Utilize basic mathematical operations (multiply, divide, add, subtract) to influence the number of peeps on connected islands.
  3. Educational: Sharpen your mathematical skills in a playful and entertaining way.
    Platform Compatibility: Available on Android, iOS, WebGL, and as a standalone game.


Embark on a journey of mathematical strategy and artistic connections with ConnectPeeps—where fun meets education on multiple platforms!


What you can do with it?

“ConnectPeeps” comes loaded with 10 pre-made levels, offering a delightful gaming experience right from the start. However, the game is designed to spark your creativity and provide an opportunity for endless expansion. Each level is easily accessible by opening the source code, enabling you to explore and understand the mechanics behind them.

Feel free to use your creativity to customize and expand the existing levels or create entirely new ones. Experiment with different island configurations, introduce unique challenges, and incorporate varying mathematical complexities. The game source is a canvas waiting for your imaginative touch.

Whether you choose to enhance the existing levels, introduce new gameplay elements, or create entirely fresh challenges, the possibilities are limitless. Unleash your creativity and turn “ConnectPeeps” into a dynamic and ever-evolving gaming experience. Happy creating!


  • Draw with your finger
  • Minimalistic
  • Eazy to reskin
  • New Elements and mechanics can be implemented easily
  • Works on Android, iOS, WebGL and standalone

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