Food Town Saga – Unity Completed Project – Admob – Inapp Purchase

Food Town Saga – Unity Completed Project – Admob – Inapp Purchase SELLUNITYSOURCECODE

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Demo APK:  Download Here (newest build 64 bit enabled)


Demo Video:


Let’s cook, and bring the best food to the ancient village. You take the role of a talented young boy, he travel back in time by accidentally touch a time vortex. When he woke up, he has to keeps going and find the way back to his modern life.

Try you best to become a Master Chef of all time!


*** How to play ***

– Every level will have a target need to be achieved, click on raw foods to cook it.

– After the food are cooked, add top up and vegetable… to make extra gold.

– Upgrade cooking plate, stove and many other cooking tools to take advantages.

– Collect enough stars to unlock new world with brand new foods, ingredients, cooking tools…


*** Features ***

– All ingredients and foods are well designed and unique to any other cooking game nowadays.

– Creative boosters system with crazy effect.

– Easy to control system: we optimized the game to make it easily to play and understand.

– So many different story missions await.

On going game-play modes that under development:

– Boss fight mode : brand new mode that you never played before, you will serve a fat king, the ruler of 7 kingdoms!


You will be guaranteed with all these following features when you purchase the source. Our support team will answer all your questions.

? Challenging tested level.

? Admob Banner, Intersitital!

? In-App Purchase with so many type of packages.

? Completed project no need programming skill.

? Full guide document and preview video.

? Support Unity 2022 with 64 bit architectures.

? Easy to re-skin and rebuild with detailed document.

? Excellent customer services.

? Guarantee support until you publish the game.

How to setup and reskin

– All graphics are stored in Asset/_Resources folder, after you have made new graphics just simply replace the old one with the new one.

– All sounds are stored in Asset/_Resources/Sounds folder, replace sounds by the new one.

– That’s it, no programming skill needed.

– We’ve attached the document to guide you.

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