Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef sellunitysourcecode

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How To Play

Work with the dogs to build a global crepe business. Use the money you earn to buy furniture and clothes, and decorate your crepe truck or cafe.

Gathering Ingredients

Collect strawberries, bananas, and other crepe ingredients.

Hand Out Flyers

Promote your shop by handing out flyers to the animals passing by.

Cooking Mode

Prepare crepes for customers in Cooking Mode.


You can hire other dogs to work as part-timers. Part-timers can do tasks such as gathering ingredients or helping customers on their own. Work together to expand your crepe business.


Buy furniture at the cat shops. Make life better with a chair or a bed. Customize the interior of your shop with benches, tables, and more.


You can buy clothes on the second floor of the cat shops. Have your dogs wear matching outfits or clothes that go with your shop. You can keep up to three sets of clothing for each dog.

Go Global

Save up money and open a shop in a new area.

Mini games

Match-3 puzzle game.


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