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Embark on the grandest adventure of a lifetime with "Garden Escape"! Join brave Kate and adventurous Paul as they explore the wild lands of Alaska, building a thriving farm and city in the rugged

wilderness. Dive into a world filled with wonders of nature and history, solving puzzles, unlocking challenging tasks, and enjoying fun mini-games in your yard and beyond. Get ready to create the world

of your dreams in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness during the gold rush.


• Explore Wild Lands: Roam the wild lands of Alaska with Kate and Paul, building a strong and prosperous farm and city in the untamed wilderness.

? Unlock Challenging Tasks: Assist Kate and Paul in solving puzzles and reviving old structures by unlocking a variety of challenging tasks.

? Play Fun Mini-Games: Engage in entertaining mini-games set in your yard and other captivating locations.

? Breathtaking Environments: Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of different places, from every corner of your little northern town to the wonders of the entire game world.

• Meet Lovely Locals: Interact with charming locals and listen to their stories as you navigate through the exciting adventures of the Alaskan wilderness.


• Regular Version - Unity 2018

• Updated Version - Unity 2020


Update 10-01-2024

Updated to Unity 2020

• Bug Fixes

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