Legend of Chicken

Legend of Chicken

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Legend of Chicken

Bad monsters have invaded the peaceful chicken world! As the leader of a clan of chickens, you must lead your clan into an epic war, evolve and grow to survive in this monster forest. Start your adventure as a brave slime in Legend of Chicken and bring peace to the monster forest!

Dark forces threaten the fate of the monster world! Fight monsters as an evil hunter in an epic shadow war! Gather a mighty squad of heroes to create your own fantasy team of legendary warriors. Create your own chicken legion full of legends. Recruit snails, chickens and other monsters in the forest, improve your skills and unlock more legends to destroy the evil knight, warrior, fighter and demon slayer.

Legend of Chicken: Idle RPG is an action role-playing game. It is a role-playing game with arena and online RPG elements. This game has an excellent item system, hundreds of weapons, and defense is divided into several levels.

Auto-battle system with clicker gameplay allows you to constantly earn more coins to improve your slime’s attack, blood, recovery, attack speed and experience gain efficiency, making your adventure easier. Fight an idle war in this free RPG and enjoy mobile gaming at its best.

Adventure role-playing battles
– Don’t let any human warrior survive: defeat all the people and grind their things.
– Time for revenge: become a bad slime and raid human villages, rob carts full of gold and make them your loyal minions.
– Crush enemies, defeat bosses, earn gold and collect loot with your hero! Kill every warrior you meet!

RPG Progression and Strategy
– An exciting fantasy adventure!
– Level up your monsters and slimes for fighting games.
– Merge and customize your slime legend heroes the way you like.
– Increase the power of your slimes with sword, armor and weapons to gain advantages in battle.
– Choose your battle strategy by combining attackers, weapons and controlling monsters. Who will be the lone survivor? Get ready for battle and lead your slimes to war!

Auto-battle in standby mode
– Create your own lineup of heroes, and they will automatically fight for you!
– Earn rewards even when offline in this simple clicker and RPG gameplay.
– Easy victories in strategic battles make it easy to enjoy the adventure.
– Tap game mechanics allow you to select, power up and dispatch your brave chickens with just a tap of the screen in this online RPG.

Endless fun games
– Form your own chicken legion.
– Collect and summon monster companions to help you defeat the Boss.
– Level up your favorite heroes in this RPG.
– Endlessly upgrade your heroes and unlock powerful skills.
– Endless game levels for endless fun: fight in wars, fight in PvP battles and arena, upgrade your slime, unlock new items and army, become a summoner and much more.

If you are a big fan of clicker games, level up games, RPG games and RPG games, then don’t miss Legend of Chicken: Idle RPG – one of the most epic chicken games and it’s free. Enjoy adventures full of slug legends in one of the best updated games!


-Easy parameter setting
-Intuitive gameplay
-lots of weapons, enemies, heroes
-beautiful graphics
-a lot of content


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