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Embark on an exciting journey to build a sanctuary and rescue wildlife in "Match 3 Puzzle Wildlife Rescue." Explore numerous unique levels as you assist caretaker Robert in restoring the sanctuary and

providing shelter for lions, zebras, elephants, and more.


. 1000 pre-made levels

• Gather and match fruits to feed hungry wildlife.

• Unlock new decorations and areas by solving match 3 puzzles.

• Interact with animals and explore the simulated world.

• Receive assistance from tigers, zebras, hippos, and other creatures.

• Customize decorations while constructing the sanctuary.

• Compete with friends and accelerate sanctuary decoration.

• Enjoy various activities in the sanctuary and garden.

• Satisfy animals with delicious berries, fruits, and vegetables.

• Watch out for mischievous monkeys trying to steal keys.


• Regular Version: Unity 2018

• Updated Version: Unity 2022

Demo apk:

Download Here


Last Update 07-02-2024

• Updated to Unity 2022

Bug Fixes

Deadline & Description for Additions:

. Ad monetization: 3 days

• In-app purchases (Repair or Integrate): 3 days

• Basic Reskin (Logo, Package Name, Ad Ids, Colors): 3 days

• Full Reskin (Basic Reskin + Game Environment, Characters): 7 days

The updated project will be uploaded to Google Drive, and the link will be sent to your email and sellunitysourcecode messages section.

For more information, please don't hesitate to message me. Thank you.

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