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Challenge yourself with Shadow War Fighting, an exhilarating blend of RPG and classic fighting gameplay. Equip your character with a variety of lethal weapons and rare armor sets as you engage in

intense battles. With lifelike-animated Rakhi Arts techniques and captivating gameplay, immerse yourself in the ultimate fighting experience.


? RPG and Classic Fighting Fusion: Experience a thrilling mix of RPG elements and traditional fighting gameplay.

? Weapon and Armor Customization: Equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets to enhance your combat abilities.

• Lifelike-Animated Rakhi Arts Techniques: Enjoy lifelike animations as you unleash powerful techniques during battles.

? AdMob Ads Integration: Seamlessly integrate AdMob ads to monetize your game and maximize revenue potential.

• 64-bit Support: Ensure compatibility and performance optimization with 64-bit architecture.

• Endless Challenges: Engage in nail-biting battles and overcome various opponents to become the ultimate warrior.


Unity 2017

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