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Shoot Master – Paper To Toilet – Unity Completed Project – IronSource sellunitysourcecode

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Demo APK:  Download Here (newest build 64 bit enabled)

Live Demo: 

*** Please note that if you install the APK and don’t see any ads, it because IronSource currently don’t have any ads for your country. You can see the Live Demo to know how ads works. ***


Your lover needs toilet paper. You have to throw the toilet paper to your lover in time. Each level you will have a limit of throw. When all the paper is thrown, your lover will not be able to stand it anymore and will pee, you will lose the level.

** Game Features **

  • Game will get harder when player complete more levels.
  • Funny sound and image effects.
  • Change player skin with trending skin.
  • Smart level creator.
  • Fast pace game play, easy to play but hard to master.

** How to play **

  • Touch on game screen to aim
  • Release touch to throw paper
  • Each level will have limit of throw count.
  • If the paper reach the target you will the  game other wise you lose.



  • Unity 2022.2.5 with 64 bit enabled.
  • ironSource support many ads networks.
  • App Open Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Reward Ads
  • Appflyer to tracking game statistics.
  • Firebase Analytics to tracking game statistics.
  • Skin shop allow player to watch ads to purchase skins.
  • Watch ads to continue to play.
  • Easy to use Level Editor, drag and drop to create new levels.

How to setup and reskin

  • All graphics are stored in Asset/Images folder, after you have made new graphics just simply replace the old one with the new one.
  • All sounds are stored in Asset/SoundManager/Resources/SoundManager folder, replace sounds by the new one.
  • Advertisement ids are stored in Asset/_Scripts/AdManager.cs script file. Open it and change the IronSource App ids.
  • You can change Appflyer Dev ID in AppsFlyerObject Object in MainMenu Scene
  • That’s it, no programming skill needed.



– ?Unity 2020.2.5f

– No programming skill needed

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