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Welcome to soda funnels sort : colorful water sort puzzle game

Play soda funnels sort, Get one of the exciting relaxing puzzles with a more than 1000 challenging and unique levels. Find the most interesting color sort puzzles and sort them any time, whenever you feel down.

Are you finding something like a Ball Sort Puzzles, Bird Sort Puzzle or Colorful Liquid Sort Puzzle Games??? Then soda funnels sort- Water Sort Puzzle Game is exactly what you need! and fulfill your requirements. All you have to do to fill Color full Soda in different Funnels to Sort correctly. This amazing color water sort puzzle will hook you for hours.

How to play a soda funnels sort?
Tap any glass Funnel to pour any Color Soda to desire Funnel. At each stage of this brain game you will unlock new challenges! You’ll have to go through the tap puzzle stage until you finally be a Master of the Soda Funnel Sort Puzzle Game! There are bunch of different and unique style Funnels, You can choose your own Funnel to play freely.

This is a fun and interesting puzzle game! Sort Soda as much as you can. Free Puzzles, Spin Wheels, Daily Rewards, Quests and no Subscriptions & hidden fees. Isn’t that amazing? A huge variety of amazing levels!


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Thanks Team!
Game Bug Entertainment.


1. Brand New Exciting Looks
2. Smooth Gameplay and easy to use
3. Amazing Graphics and Animations
4. A lot of New Funnels and more then 1000 Challenging Levels
5. Amazing Music and Sounds
6. Share your Progress with your Friends

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