The Wolf Simulator : Angry Wild Animal Games

The Wolf Simulator : Angry Wild Animal Games sellunitysourcecode

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You love Wild animal simulation games, then it’s time to take control of this "The wolf simulator" and attack over the city to find and destroy assigned target to complete the level in this The wolf Simulator Game. Live the life of a Transformed The wolf trying to survive and hunting humans in the city. Out from the shadows comes your worst nightmare – The Wolf Simulator 2019!

The Wolf simulator is looking for revenge in the wolf games. Search for targets using mini map system and destroy that in time to complete the level! Come and play the "The Werewolf Simulator Game". Have you ever imagined being wild Wolf Simulator? Now you can play as real wild Wolf and become the most powerful Werewolf in the wilderness.

Don’t forget to stay alert all the time and maintain wolf’s health, energy and time to survive in city and complete mission. Transform your wolf into the werewolf in city battle game. Enter into the wilderness of the city, and learn the The Wolf survival tips from the Wolf Games. Now you have to smash the city. You can destroy whatever comes in your way. The Wolf Simulator games 3d, you will enjoy real wolf’s life with a fight, survive and search targets to destroy and finish levels. In this Wolf Game, you play as a Angry Wolf, who entered in a human world.

The Wolf Simulator : Angry Wild Animal Games Features:-

15 levels in The Wolf Simulator.

Destroy city targets and rule over the city.

Realistic Wild Wolf Simulator with fantasy 3d crazy city.

Multiple Wolfs to choose.

Realistic Wolf sounds.

Stunning 3D graphics and city environment.

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