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Embark on a thrilling jungle adventure in Tomb Runner - Temple Raider! Take on the challenge of outsmarting the Giant Gorilla in this action-packed endless runner game. Swipe, jump, and slide your

way through deadly obstacles while collecting treasures and power-ups along the way.


? Beautiful new graphics enhance your gaming experience

• Encounter new deadly obstacles within the temple

? Discover a variety of power-ups to aid your escape

• Immerse yourself in the iconic jungle adventure environment

?. Achieve more milestones and unlock special rewards

• Face off against the menacing Giant Gorilla

? Choose from a diverse range of unique characters

? Explore the brand new user interface for an enhanced gaming experience

• Unlock 16 distinct runners, each with special powers and masks

• Collect relics, masks, idols, and treasures to enhance your journey

• Accumulate gems and coins through unlockable treasures

• Experience the adventure with an improved camera perspective


Unity 2021

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