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Mobile Game for Sale: Ready for PublishingTechnical Details

  • Target API Level: 33
  • Unity Version: 2022.3.3f1
  • Admob Version: 9.1.0

Game Description

This mobile game, developed using Unity 2022.3.3f1 and integrated with Admob 9.1.0, is fully optimized and ready for publishing. Belonging to the popular puzzle category, the game features captivating gameplay that keeps players engaged. Extensive testing has shown that players can enjoy approximately 1 hour of playtime, ensuring a high level of player retention and satisfaction. Ready 52 level.



  • Popular Puzzle Category: Engages players with challenging and addictive puzzles.
  • High Playtime: Average playtime of 1 hour per session.
  • Reskinnable: Easy to reskin for personalized branding and multiple game releases.

This game template is perfect for developers and publishers looking to expand their portfolio with a high-quality, market-ready puzzle game. The combination of Unity’s powerful engine and Admob’s monetization tools ensures a smooth user experience and potential for significant revenue generation.

Ready to publish and bring hours of fun to puzzle enthusiasts, this game is a valuable addition to any mobile game collection.

“Train Road Puzzle” is an engaging mobile game designed to test the player’s timing and strategic planning skills. In this hyper-casual puzzle game, the main objective is to manage multiple trains moving along an intricate network of tracks. Each tap on the screen initiates the movement of the trains, and it’s up to the player to ensure they do not collide at the various junctions where tracks intersect.

The gameplay involves observing the layout of the tracks and predicting the paths of the trains to avoid accidents. As the game progresses, the speed of the trains increases, and more complex track layouts are introduced, making the puzzles increasingly challenging. Players must quickly decide when and where to tap to start the trains, creating an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience that requires sharp reflexes and quick thinking.



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Test APK:



  1. What is required to reskin the game?

    • You can easily reskin the game with new logos and in-game graphics in just about 2 minutes by using the provided game template and instructions.
  2. What changes do I need to make to publish the game?

    • To publish the game, you only need to replace the Google Ads codes and update the logo. No additional changes are necessary.
  3. Can I use ChatGPT-4 to help with the game description?

    • Yes, you can use ChatGPT-4 to craft or refine the game’s description, ensuring it is engaging and informative for potential users.
  4. How long does the publishing process take?

    • Once you have made the necessary changes (Google Ads codes and logo), the actual submission to the app store can be completed quickly, depending on the review times of the respective platform.
  5. What platforms is the game ready for?

    • The game is ready to be published on platforms that support Unity games, typically iOS and Android.

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