Zombie Wars - Battle Of Sheldon

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Menjadi penyelamat desa, melawan tentara zombie. The PRG permainan terbaik

Zombie Wars - Battle Of Sheldon is a complete town defend game with a new, challenging gameplay.

By creating the Sheldon Army, with special abilities, the player has the mission of preventing from occupying the strongholds of Sheldon Village.

The skillful combination of special features of each unit, the player can also support items to increase the ability to win in the zombies battle.

The gameplay is simple but requires logical thinking to overcome the knots of the screen.

In the Sheldon Village, the Sheldon Tower was built from the turtles.It becomes a solid wall, protect the turtle village from the fighting. In the midst of a seemingly endless war, the Rabbits Evil defeated the "Magic Scroll" of the mysterious book from the Elf world, It has the poison medicine, turning rabbit warriors into zombies.

In the extremely difficult situation, strength is tied to the army of rabbit zombies, Sheldon Chief relied on the Hero in the human world. You are the chosen person to lead the turtle army against troops instead of rabbits. Please show strength, alertness and assertiveness in every action to help the turtle army win.

Some advance features:

- Character system in rabbit army is rich and diverse. Each type of army has its own ability. Try to select the appropriate army for each battle zombies.

- The army of evil rabbits has terrible strength. Like the tortoise's army, the evil army of rabbits also has species with mysterious powers. Be focus.

- Mission system for various mission campaigns is wide, rich rewards.

- Reward for sign on, rich prize system.

- Graphics, sound eye-catching.

- The game is very simple, but in order to win players need to choose tactics, army match.


Download and try the Zombies war - battle of sheldon! By happly!

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