Angry Dinosaur Simulator Games: City Attack 3D

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If you like playing "Dinosaur Simulator Games" you will love this Angry Dinosaur Simulator Game. Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur and attack on the city and destroy the city. Dinosaur Simulator is a thrilling 3D game. Angry Dinosaur simulator is action game, where you play as an angry dino in the city. The city is under a heavy life-threatening angry dinosaur attack!

Dinosaur Simulator– Dino City Attack is a wild dinosaur simulator game. In this "Angry Dino Simulator" control your Ultimate Dinosaur and attack on the citizens and dominate the city. A thrilling game that will allow you to run your Dino through following a navigation map on the screen. Use the map to locate the targets and destroy them to complete the level. Wile locating target humans try to stop you, use your attack skills to destroy targets. Fight for Dinosaur's freedom furiously while people attempt to reign you in. In this game, you are a huge Angry Dinosaur Rampage trying to destroy the big city!

Attack fast because there is the time limit to city smash in each level in this Dinosaur simulator games. Run and jump on the targets to destroy them immediately in this Angry Dinosaur Rampage simulator. The super fun animal simulation that we hope you find entertaining with "Dinosaur Games".

Angry Dinosaur Game Features:-
15 levels in Dinosaur City Attack games.
Destroy city targets and be Dinosaur City Smasher.
Realistic Dinosaur rampage simulations with fantasy 3d crazy city.
Multiple Dinosaur's to choose.
Realistic Dinosaur sound.
Stunning 3D graphics and city environment.

How to Play:-
- Use the joystick to move.
-Use attack Buttons to attack
-Unlock Dino to get more special powers

Prove your skills as Angry Dinosaur Simulator! Download Angry Angry Dinosaur Simulator now!
Finally available on Google Play for FREE!

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