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Monsters from hell have invade the earth and you job is…. protect you garden and your house. Get serious please! When monsters are roaming every where and feast of flesh every living creature they encounter, only idiots want to be hero and save the frigging day. You are the only one who can save yourself.

Using necromancy magic, you summon souls of dead soliders and let them continue fighting monsters in form of… plants you grow in you garden; mostly flowers. You arm them with your hand made weapons. Not so good looking but effective against those monstrous monsters.
This game is like no other games in the same category. Enjoy the game at fulliest!

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Key features :
– New art style
– Monstrous looking monsters
– The game has high difficulty for players who seeking a challenge
– 11 types of plants to be selected
– New type of effects and actions
– 7 type of magical items for you to choose
– Only able to pick 5 plants and 3 magical items when ingame.

– Integrated admob ads

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