Archery Apple Shooter 3d : Slingshot Knockdown Shooting 64 Bit

Archery Apple Shooter 3d : Slingshot Knockdown Shooting 64 Bit sellunitysourcecode

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Play the new Archery Games: Apple Shooter one of the best shooting sport. Challenge your friends in a archery tournament and test who has professional skills in handling the bow and arrow. Take a shot at various different kinds of targets in archery. You can even shoot a human but that is dangerous and you will lose the game. Pop those objects which are placed above the heads. Just aim for the bulls eye. Be careful if you don’t complete the level in time you will fail. Proper technique is required to pass the through all these levels and missions of the games. This is actually a good opportunity to become a expert archer in archery. Become the best gamer if you can in this contest of concentration and focus games.


1. Multiple targets to shoot with classic bow and arrow theme.
2. Get ready for multiple intense shooting archery challenges.
3. Explore the 3 unique types of game play.
4. Realistic archery simulation with cool sounds.
5. 5 Bows and 5 Arrows to upgrade.

Reskin Features

  • Unity Version 2017
  • Ads Integration
  • watch videos
  • Supported all platforms
  • 24/7 support

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