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Welcome to the new survival game! You play as a northern bear. Help him survive in these harsh winter conditions. Try to gather a clan of polar bears together. So it will be easier for you to survive this long winter.

The main goal of the game is to defeat the enemies and to assemble your whole family. Wander through the vast snowfields in search of relatives. If you saw a polar bear like you - then this is a member of your family. To add a bear to your clan, you just need to approach it closer. A button "Add" appears next to the bear. Click on it and your family will be replenished! Track the bears on the map. Open the map and see where they are at the moment. A green marker is a player. Yellow icons are the bears of your clan. The red marker indicates bears that have not yet joined the clan. Try to quickly collect them together.

Be careful! This is a very harsh terrain with hungry predators. On the way to you can meet different animals: both harmless and quite dangerous. Beware of wolves! They are very fast and can attack your family of bears.

Arctic Bear Survival Life Simulator game features:
- animal simulator
- survival mode
- winter locations
- optimized graphics

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