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Welcome to Arm Slap King: Muscle Master – the ultimate muscle-building and wrestling game!

In this addictive and action-packed game, you’ll embark on a journey to become the strongest arm wrestler in the world. But it’s not just about arm wrestling – it’s about gaining power and transforming into a muscular powerhouse!

Start by collecting weights to increase your power level. The more weights you collect, the stronger you become. As you gain power, you’ll be able to transform your character into a more muscular and intimidating figure, ready to take on bigger challenges.?

Once you’ve built up enough strength, it’s time to put your power to the test in intense slapping battles. Face off against opponents from around the world and prove that you’re the ultimate Muscle Master. Use your strength and timing to deliver powerful slaps and knock out your opponents.

But beware, the competition gets tougher as you progress. You’ll encounter skilled arm wrestlers with unique abilities and strategies. Adapt your tactics, upgrade your skills, and unlock special power-ups to stay ahead of the game.

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Mission: Defeat the intimidating (yet cute) opponents.

Control: Hold to Move.

Rule: Tick tock, tick tock,… The clock is ticking. Can you gather enough power in time?

Bonus: Upgrades, Supports are alway available to help, give you a little to HUGE boost from start.


Fun and addictive gameplay

Cute and Funny Weights

Diverse mini game modes: Arm Slap King: Muscle Master, Kegg Tossing, Boxing…

Upgrade your Main Character to a stronger, faster, more muscular form

One finger control. Simple is the best.

Game for all genders and ages

You can play anytime, anywhere.

Max SDk integration

With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and a thrilling fighting mode, “Arm Wrestling: Muscle Master” offers endless hours of entertainment for arm wrestling enthusiasts and casual

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