Arrow Shooter Zombie Attack

Arrow Shooter Zombie Attack sellunitysourcecode

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Welcome to the Bow Shooter Game, Are you ready to fight for your enemies? Notch your arrows and join the war of bow and arrow! Merge bow champion and create the strongest archery arrows to defend the castle. Play one of the coolest bow master games, become the greatest archer hero and win the bow and arrow war! In this turn-based archery game, your goal is to defeat the zombie army! Tap the screen to command your archers to aim and shoot at the opponents! Use every turn wisely and try not to miss unless you want to lose this bow and arrow war. Let the bow fest begin! Use bows, and cannons, to win the archery battle. This is one of the best bow and arrow games, where your strategy skills can help you defeat zombies,  


Bow Shooter Features:

  • Unique archery mechanic
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Challenging levels
  • Real and Beautiful graphics
  • Easy to Reskin 
  • Ads with Gley Plugin

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