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Ever been on an auto rickshaw drive in India? No? Play Auto Rickshaw Parking Simulator and explore the
high adrenaline world of Indian Auto rickshaws where skill plays very important role.
Cut through corners, honk loudly, overtake on narrow lanes, pick up and drop passengers within a short time in this tuk tuk game.

Auto Rickshaw Parking Simulator is a highly realistic tuk tuk simulation parking game with top notch 3d graphics . Become the best auto rickshaw parking driver.
You play as a auto rickshaw driver in the most chaotic streets, busiest roads, narrow lanes and pick up passengers, drop them and park the auto in tight places.You have to overcome a lot of hurdles, obstacles, barriers and park your autorickshaw to perfection.
Auto Rickshaw Parking Simulator provides advanced parking features like rear view mirrors, parking sensors and parking guidelines just like in a real car. This makes the game more interesting and fun to play.
Game mechanics are similar to real life auto rickshaw driving maneuver. Drive the tuk tuk on busy Indian roads and enjoy the pleasures of Auto Rickshaw Parking Simulator for FREE.

MULTIPLE-TOUGH LEVELS: 50+ levels from easy to difficulty mode.
MULTIPLE CAMERA OPTIONS: It's easier to control the auto rickshaw with the 360 DEGREE view camera options.
MULTIPLE CLASSIC AUTO RICKSHAWS: You get wide range of auto rickshaws to choose as you progress. Gain points and unlock your favorite looking auto.

Auto Rickshaw Parking Simulator KEY FEATURES:

-Advanced tuk tuk driving simulation
-Parking guidelines
-Kids friendly game play
-multiple camera view
-Reverse/rear view camera functionality
-object alert SENSORS
-best 3d graphics
-Day/Night mode game play


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