Ball Run 2048: Merge Number

Ball Run 2048: Merge Number sellunitysourcecode

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This is a ball game where you have to increase the numbers on the ball. Control the balls with your finger to combine them with other balls of the same number!Each time the balls are combined, they get bigger and change color.The number on the ball starts from 2, when joining a ball with the same number, the number is added and increases to a maximum of 2048.Even children can complete the game, but it is very difficult to reach the goal in 2048. Control the ball so it doesn't fall off the track or hit obstacles and try to reach 2048!Can you make the 2048 ball rainbow colored?

Rule description:
Swipe to move the ball.
When you hit a ball with the same number as the ball you control, the number increases.
The numbers on the ball add up from 2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512-1024-2048.
If the ball falls off the rail, you will start over.
If you get stuck on a thorn, your numbers will decrease.
The higher the number of balls, the bigger the prize in the goal.

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