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Bomber Fantasy is an exhilarating action-packed game that will put your strategic skills and reflexes to the ultimate test. As the courageous hero, you will embark on a mission to vanquish evil and bring peace to a world plagued by destructible bricks and relentless enemies.

In this thrilling adventure, your primary objective is to strategically plant bombs in order to obliterate the menacing bricks obstructing your path. These bricks not only serve as barriers, but they also harbor lurking enemies, who will stop at nothing to thwart your progress.

With each level, the challenge intensifies as you encounter cunning enemies that move with lightning speed and possess a keen sense of evasion. You must use your wit and lightning-fast reflexes to outsmart and eliminate these foes before they have a chance to retaliate.

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Vivid graphics
Simple control easy to use
Many different difficulty and easy levels.
Various types of power boosters:
– Fast running shoes
– protective armor
– long-explosive boom
– put many booms

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