Card Matching: Memory Puzzle

Card Matching: Memory Puzzle sellunitysourcecode

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Card Matching: Memory Puzzle is a new free-to-play and addictive card matching game! Thousands of FUN and CHALLENGING levels to play. You will never get bored and are able come here to relieve your stress anytime

Let’s relax, train your brain by powering and speeding up your memory all at the same time with a super easy-to-play but hard-to-master puzzle game for all ages!

Mission: Eliminate every cards on screen by matching 2 same cards together.
Control: Tap any card to flip face up.
Rule: You have a short time at the start of the level to memorize the position of all cards. Then all cards will be flipped face down. You have to flip 2 same cards each time to eliminate them.

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– Fun and addictive gameplay
– One finger control. Simple is the best.
– 100% free
– Game for all genders and ages
– Many cute, funny and stylish cards to play with.
– Multiple unique levels from easy to hard
– No penalties or time limits; just enjoy the game at your own pace.
– Completely offline and free to play. You can play anytime, anywhere.

– Integrated Admob ads

– Integrated Firebase Analytics

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