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Welcome to City Train Driving Sim 2018, One of the most fine Train Driving Game of this year!
City Train driving simulation with passenger pick n drop is up again with a new concept and features. Play now the most exciting euro city train riding game through the city tracks and brace yourself with the chance to become the master train driver of San Antonio. Train sim 2018 is given a blazing new start with extraordinary driving features which you have never experienced in a city train driving game. Hold on for a while because you have to build your train driving expertise first, and then start your career in the leader-board. Get ready to live to explore the rail structure in this drive freight train and pick up awaiting passengers from city subway stations. While reaching towards the platform, do not forget to signal the awaiting passengers. Missing or leaving a single passenger on the subway station will cost you. Take a closer look which approaching city station because there might arrive some other train on your station, so use train horns to inform the preceding euro train. Drive Trains in this Train Driving Sim & Be a City Train Pro Master Machinist.

Euro City Train Sim 2017 is composed of various new features which simplify your train racing adventure. Once you step into train mania, you have to first go through training mode in which you have to get familiar with euro trains, bullet trains, and also various city rail tracks. When you feel confident enough to step into real life train sim passenger mania, then start your simulator experience with a blast. Each level gives you a new challenge of time-based train cruising mission in which you have to transport passengers from city train stations and earn rewards. You will get train cruising ratings in the form of stars. You can complete the passenger dropping missions but to get maximum coins for train driver ratings, you can re-play the same train mission.

Get yourself addicted to the voice of train wheels on rail tracks approach train stations, feel machinist. You will see a lot of options in the control cabin to speed up your freight train. Drive past various euro city subway and overhead bridges to enjoy driving euro train simulator. Rail tracks also crosses roads at some stages so be very careful and wait for your turn to cross the city highways. Apply hydraulic brakes to avoid train crashes. Cruise urban train on fast tracks and lead the train driver adventure with thrilling action & driving. Euro Train Driving Games, enjoy various self-sufficient realistic railroad levels, experience the best train driving throughout the gameplay.

City Train Driving Sim 2018: Train Driving Games Features:

- Changing rail tracks and fully functional signaling system
- Realistic station and passengers simulator with night flash head light
- Smooth control on express trains
- Realistic simulator experience with exclusive night mode
- Real city based country locations and Speed Trains
- Animated people using the speed train
- Advanced technology engine
- Choose your train engine
- Gigantic trains horn and emergency bells
- Hydraulic brakes with intuitive gameplay
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