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Cooking Games Paradise Food Maker & Burger Chef - Cook and serve tasty food recipes & learn how to prepare dishes with top chef Alicia!You will learn basic baking skills & explore world cuisines like chinese food,italian food,mexican food & of course fast food!Play this tasty dash game & learn to cook mama's delicious taco recipes!Defeat your Kitchen fever of cooking today and become a top chef star & create your own restaurant!Become as famous as Oliver or Ramsay or Nigella and dash dinner!Rising as a chef is easy after you master the bio food challenge in your town.

How to play
- Drag & drop your foods on the dishes after you cooked & baked them properly.
- After the recipe is completed, you will give the fresh foods to your clients to eat them!
- Upgrade your kitchen design & Create your own steakhouse and prepare incredible steak or other delicious meals!

- Over 100+ levels to complete!
- Over 200+ recipes to create & learn!
- Tons of combinations of dishes to cook by selecting over 300 ingredients!
- 2 worldwide Restaurants to create tasty recipes!
- Upgrade your kitchen with tons of appliances!
- Upgrade blenders, coke machines, milk shakes & ice cream machines to increase your overall number of clients & increase their waiting time & patience!
- Join us and Make your favorite Cream Ice Maker on your mobile device!
- Discover recipes for pasta,pizza & chicken recipes!
- Grow from an amateur chef to a chef master!
- You will learn how to manage your bakery like a true pro!
- Prepare Soups and Starters, Pasta and Pizza, Cakes and Cookies and other delicious cuisines
- Create basic dishes like burger, pasta, hot dog, pizza and tasty desserts like ice cream and cakes!
- Defeat your fever of Kitchen & become the best chef in town!
- Women adore to stay in the kitchen and prepare the perfect dinner and dash for their family!
- The dash of cooking will make you the best cooking chef in the world!Serve delicious diner to your hungry customers like a real super chef master!
- Top Chef Gordon is the boss and you have to do what he says, otherwise your meals and cookies will be burnt!
- You will enjoy this Fast Food Maker game very much and learn how they serve on the streets of famous cities and master the art of street food maker!
- The chef of the World will teach you how to prepare hot dog or tacos and fries with ketchup topping!
- Open your cake shop and serve your clients with tasty pastry!
- Multiple clients will want to eat hot dogs or hamburgers, so try to make them fast and dash the dinner in record time!
- You will learn the basic ingredients for foods like ramen or sushi or hot dog and pizza!
- Choose wisely your flour to make donuts with sweet jam and sugar powder!
- Cook the perfect dinner with dash because women adore to stay in the kitchen and prepare the perfect dinner for the loved ones!
- Of course,don't forget about the pizza games and you'll love the maker pizza games too!
- Multiple challenges, puzzles with different levels and hamburgers to serve the customers with!
- Addicting restaurant time management game and hamburger management!
- Serve fresh hot dog with mustard and Ketchup to make more money!
- The fever for cooking is strong, so try to collaborate with your apprentices like a real cooking chef & make this happen!
- Ever wanted to play donut games or burger games or serve street food?Now you have the opportunity to bake your own kind of foods & play some pizza maker games like this one!
- Become the next world fever cooking & make some delicious dishes!
- Serve tasty snacks to hungry foodies clients that visit your Restaurant & even vegan recipes!
- Create your own kind of cookies or cupcakes & defeat your fever of cooking today!
- Start the dash cooking and create tasty recipes!

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