Dead Zombie Hunting : FPS Shooting Game 64 Bit

Dead Zombie Hunting : FPS Shooting Game 64 Bit sellunitysourcecode

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The city is a dead town. Zombies are everywhere, almost everyone you know is dead, but at least you still have your guns with you as you continue to salvage the desolated landscape for need to hunt zombies, keep alive and save the survivals. Kinds of weapons can let you hunt zombies by any way you prefer. Whether you like accurate short-bursts or like the rain of bullets, whether you like a close battle or single shot from long distance, you can feel good shooting pleasure by using different guns in this game. On the critical moment, the freezing grenade, time bomb, you can choose suitable equipment to help you to escape from the dangerous ground. There are some elements in the scene of this game can be interacted by shooting, like you can eliminate groups of zombies by shooting the petrol can, or you can shoot the item box to get random rewards.


  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Be addicted to the game operations
  • Horrifying visualization and sounds
  • Different type of zombies to kill
  • impressed game missions
  • Variety of upgradeable counter zombie guns

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