Digit Runner Game Unity Source Code

Digit Runner Game Unity Source Code sellunitysourcecode

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A new Prototype game for you all DIGIT RUNNER.  Buy now and shine on the top of the trending page.

Game features:

  • One-finger Control
  • Different Difficulty Levels


 Ads Monetization


  Sounds: sound effects are included with a setting to mute sounds in the game 

Multiple screen sizing for most mobile devices 


 Professional and clean code, clean projects 


 Simple and attractive 


  Easy reskin for all platforms. 


  New Developer-friendly 


 Increasing gameplay difficulty 


  Key system 


  Responsive U 


  Compatible with mobile and desktop 


  Support for Unity 2020 or higher


  Support build 64Bit, API 29 


 Support build Android App Bundle (AAB)


Unity Version: 2020, 2021

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