Fight Hole 3D – Unity Game + Admob

Fight Hole 3D – Unity Game + Admob sellunitysourcecode

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This is a complete Unity game, called Fight Hole 3D.
It is ready for release, and it’s excellent for learning purposes.
Contains Admob ads.
The game has 5 levels, however, it’s really easy to add new levels.
Android Demo Apk
How to play?
Move your finger right-left on the screen while holding it down to control the player.
Your goal is to collect different types of bullets to shoot the boss at the end of the level.

You can do this by moving a hole. Be fast, the timer is ticking, and if you don’t collect enough bullets, then the boss will destroy you!


  • Implemented Admob
  • Nice vibrations for mobile – haptic feedbacks
  • Trending hypercasual mechanisms
  • Interstitial, Banner, Rewarded Ads, App Opening Ads
  • Optimized for iOS and Android
  • Stylized models and animations
  • In-game money collecting and spending system
  • Upgrades
  • Responsive UI
  • Compatible with mobile
  • Works with Text Mesh Pro
  • No sound effects or sounds
  • Documentation contains everything about setup and reskin
  • Fun, addicting gameplay
  • Hole grow and collection mechanisms
  • Joystick controls

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