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Time to fix autocar with suitable tire rim in all new scrap mechanic car factory simulation game. Fix the monster truck crankshafts & give auto mechanic bike tires repair service at Flat Tire Car Mechanic Simulator and become the best auto technician mecanico in the new york town city. Hurry up! Park your smart car outside junkyard workshop, There is a lot of auto service to perform at virtual garage tire repairing shop.

Fix up monster truck flat tyres! Be a daring auto mechanic to use new workshop tools! Run a small tyre car factory in a professional auto technician manner. Match a tyre with accurate model and check tires size of the autocar to complete each tune-up section at the classic mechanic garage car repair. Perform scrap mechanic workshop duty and move on to the next repair shop level!

Repair it or Replace it! Go to car repair shop to bring back vintage cars and take rampage race on storm!

Visit super mechanic work shop (the best car service in town ) to avail all auto repair service relating to tires in Flat Tire Car Mechanic Simulator. Makeover your crash car repair with plentiful supply of tool box. Tire Repairing Shop includes vast collection of repairing facilities for racing car retro vintage, ambulance and tow truck. Be an auto technician mecanico repair, remove and fit tyres for all types of vehicles with adjusted wheel alignment motorcycle mechanic sim.

Game features:

Upgrade workshop with different tools
 Accurate Test drive & Car customization
Variety of Tasks (Tire change, fix & Repair)
 Superb puncture shop HD graphics
 Fully Equipped car fixing Workshop
 Simple controls and Easy gameplay
 Deal hot car wheels at Challenging garage levels
 Fix up mechanical problems at repairing garage
 Mechanical tools & advanced machines

Deal with flat tires, tune-up smart car, change the wheels, by using jack, fix tires and rims at repairing Shop. Customers are looking for genuine repair service station for their sports bike recovery. Pump the burst tyre with accurate air pressure and Lift the auto repair mechanic hood in workshop to add some motor oil so that retro car break engine will run smoothly while driving. just come across to mechanic garage car factory and work at hot car wheels, puncture tyres to provide auto service. Choose tire size with usual rims, old-fashioned so, that to be fitted on your vehicle. Select the right tire for the vehicle maintenance to make it more than test drive and experience real car garage job with exclusive Flat Tire Car Mechanic Simulator.

Learn how to Fix the punctured tire and autotune muscle car engine break so that it could be ready for hot car wheels test drive. Take care of retro car at speed bumps as due to messy roads clash of cars, tire get deflated! No worries the auto mechanic puncture shop is near, one can take his/her autocar at scrap mechanic repairing auto service station to fix it or replace spare parts. This tire repair shop motorcycle mechanic simulator is a crazy car factory garage workshop. Remove monster truck copart by lifting or revolving it on car-ramp; change dirty tyre rims and clean up metallic alloy. Be a superhero car mechanic to perform exciting tire repair job and spray paint to give smart car a brand new look.

Show off your impressive mechanic skills in this thrilling tire repairing shop. Fix It and tune up smart car fixing at workshop! Download Flat Tire Car Mechanic Simulator puncture shop and start car fixing, monster truck spare parts. Use the screwdriver and welder to fix the broken parts, internal autocar mechanic and find the precise nuts and bolts to be connected for service station. Upgrade mechanic garage as you complete each garage repair shop level!


i Bought 2 games and both games have lots of errors and they changed the all game functionalities, and i asked for these errors with them but intensionally asked for more money to rectify those errors Dont buy games from them they gave false codes these bastards have spaming people

22 January 2023, 13:13:33

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