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Guitar Star inspired by the Guitar Hero game, the notes match the beat of the music so when you play the game you will feel so excited. The more perfect you score, the more point you get.

The game can easily extend by adding more tracks and modify the txt files.

  • Colorful graphics match music style game.
  • Great sound effects.
  • Many tracks to try.
  • Score more point to challenge your friends.
  • Combo system with many type of status like Great, Bad, Miss, Perfect
  • There are 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen
  • Touch them when the bar move down and overlap them
  • Touch the button in the right time to score Perfect
  • Two or more continous Perfect will score more point and make it a combo.

Demo APK:


– Admob intergrated

– Support Unity 2020.3.3

– Easy to re-skin and rebuild with detailed document you just need to change Admob ID and the game is ready to build

– Require Unity 2020.3.3f1
– Source comes with document to guide you how to change Admob ID and how to re-skin

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