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A farming situmation game; an very interesting game. Let’s build a real farm for gardening, Breeding, cropping, and building factories. Following daily tasks and producing merchandise.
Key features:
+ Cropping: wheat, corn, potato, sugar cane, watermelon, carrot . . .
+ Various for breeding: chicken, pig, cow, sheep, . . .
+ Factories produce food for breeding, toasting ovens, milk factories, tailoring manufactures. You also can have a lot of option for combining materials
+ Many beautiful decorations: yellow umberllas, elbow chairs, fences, tree lamps, flower pots, title ground ... all for you to arrange as you will.


+ Ordering system is various for you to earn money and experiences
+ Buy pets to make you farm become more lively and also protect it
+ Watch videos to have daily gifts
+ Sell products that you have in your store house to make extra money
Just play the game and enjoy the feeling of becomeing a millioniare or maybe a billioniare. All are decided by how you manage your farm.

Have fun time playing!


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08 January 2023, 13:36:23

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