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Hunters vs Props: Hide ‘n Seek is a modern hide-and-seek game with current favorite characters.
Joining Hunters vs Props: Hide ‘n Seek you will be free to choose to be a seeker or a lurker.

Choose to be a seeker:
You will have to do everything in the allotted time to find all hidden players. In the process of searching, please make good use of supports such as speeding, …. They will help you a lot in the search for that lurker.

Choose to be a lurker:
There will be 2 ways for you to win the game: Transform, hide well and don’t be found until the end of time. Or you can go collect all the characters placed randomly on the map and put them in the right positions to combine into 1 meaningful word.

Link demo


Diverse characters, loved by many players.
Free choice of game mode.
Many maps with different Sizes and Themes
Collect words with funny meaning
Easy and comfortable momvement control
Use support items at the right time to outplay opponents
Fast-paced, action-packed gameplay.
Transform into many cute objects
Suitable for all ages

If you love the intersection of classic gameplay with modern elements. This is the game for you. The ease of getting used to gameplay and the freedom will help you relieve stress after stressful working hours.

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