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Welcome to the youth wrestling game, be boxer super stars of world tag team tournament. Play this kids wrestler game which is free games 2018. Play this wrestling manager game with boxer star. Let’s rumble like pro wrestling champion. Be steady in legendary arena with ring battle arena heavyweight junior super star wrestler. So get enter into royal rumble with wrestle jump. Win all of your wrestling match in rumble boxing in battle arena. Get entered into the revolution of wrestling rising stars with real wrestling heavy weight champion. Today’s games with wrestler buddy sumo fight for title of boxing belt. Guess the wrestler and their wrestling manager to join sport and takedowns super junior with Pro wrestling technique.

Legends storm studios present action game for kids with real wrestling match, Fight like the pile driver

Let's do pro-wrestling wrestling game free,


unity 2019 2020 2021


i Bought 2 games and both games have lots of errors and they changed the all game functionalities, and i asked for these errors with them but intensionally asked for more money to rectify those errors Dont buy games from them they gave false codes these bastards have spaming people

22 January 2023, 13:06:25

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