Luggage Oil Tanker : Off Road Oil Tanker Transporter 64 Bit Source Code

Luggage Oil Tanker : Off Road Oil Tanker Transporter 64 Bit Source Code sellunitsourcecode

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Grand Tanker Driving 
Luggage Oil Tanker is a Off Road Tanker Simulator transporter game. Player have to pick the luggage/cargo of the mission/level and transport to the destination safely within given time otherwise mission/level fail.
Tanker Driving Simulator
Off-Road simulation game become one of the most popular games in European countries.  You should drive off-road tanker and transport cargo or luggage to their destination. Deliveries are made by common carrier or Tanker Pack your container with cargo. The completely real missions and the experience of tanker simulation is waiting for you. You need to convey the goods to the designated point integrally in this game. A wonderful environment and missions are waiting for you. Off Road environment with real experience of tanker driving is the perfect combination. The real experience of tanker driving make the game more tough while environment is off road. Do not take it easy any thing may happen on the road. Time limit is also a big challenge to tackle with. You have manage both simultaneously. Go get the game to get experience.


  • Different environment of oil stations.
  • Extreme precision 3D truck simulation.
  • Great energetic and smooth gameplay.
  • Clock is ticking so transport oil on limited time.
  • Awesome multiple driving controls of truck.

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