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Another "terrifying" first person mascot horror game where you do stuff and not get caught. Over several minutes of gameplay! LORE!

"Meatly's Storage World" is a spine-chilling survival horror game that plunges gamers into a frightening realm of shadows and peril. While endeavoring to evade the terrifying specter of Meatly's Storage, players must survive and gather all the scattered toys in a haunted house. To flee the house before Meatly's Storage catches them, players must rely on their cunning and rapid reflexes. The game boasts a distinctive animated ambience and a nerve-racking plot that keeps players on edge throughout.

  • Top Trending Game
  • New Niche 
  • The design and UI You can re use it
  • Trending Niche Never Published on the app store or Play store
  • Gley Plugin (Admob) Wtih easy one click adds other networks. 
  • Made with Unity 2021.3.18f1 version.
  • Eye HD catchy Graphics
  • Random Level Generator System
  • Stunning Horror Gameplay Environment

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