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Welcome to Meatly’s Storage World, the terrifying horror game where you must find your storage and belongings without getting caught by the Meatly’s.

Explore a spooky 3D environment filled with challenging tasks and puzzles to solve.

• Survival challenges
• Realistic 3D horror environment
• Challenging tasks and puzzles
• Scary and terrifying game sounds
• Search for toys in the map to collect different weapon packs to win the game and eliminate the Meatly’s
• Smooth and easy controls
• High-quality graphics
• Integrated keyboard
• New sounds

This spine-tingling adventure game features survival challenges, realistic 3D horror environments, and challenging tasks and puzzles to keep you on edge.

Improve your character by collecting weapons and other objects to level up.
Customize your character with unique costumes and episode-specific weapons.

So get ready for an amazing horror adventure in Meatly’s Storage World!

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