Mighty Raju 3D Hero: Endless Running Chase

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Do you love endless flying & endless runner games? Do you happen to adore Mighty Raju & chotta bheem games? Well you are sure to love Mighty Raju 3D Hero: Endless Running Chase.
The Evil Scientist Karati is back  and the only one who can stop him is Mighty Raju with his amazing flying skate – the hoverboard.
The tricky part is that the themed Mighty Raju game, they flying skate is not your only concern. Karati has spread obstacles and barriers through the city  and brought it to a standstill.
With his new spaceship invention, he is free to fly around and commit crime. It’s time for Mighty Raju as a Mighty Dragon boy to bring out his amazing hoverboard and jump, evade, slide past obstacles to catch up with Karati! He needs to stop  the evil actions of Karati – and it will not be easy because of the great powers of the evil scientist.
How long can you go in this infinite run & endless flying adventure with the super-fast hover board?
It’ll be very challenging to keep Mighty Raju alive  in this hover racing chase, but that’s the thing with infinite runners – only the best survive the longest! Especially when you have evil Karati and even gorillas on the road!

- Fastest hover speed racing game
- Super fast action runner with never seen before hover physics
- Tilt the device to evade the buses, trucks and barricades.
- Swipe upwards to jump up and over obstacles.
- Collect special Mighty Raju coins for upgrades.
- Unlock special Mighty Raju hoverboards and costumes.
- Special power up to go at an incredible speed, smashing all obstacles in your path!
- Special power up to call Commissioner Khanna to cleat the road!
- Complete endless run & endless flying hoverboard 3D environment!
- Fast hover board and flying skate racing with simple controls

Now it’s the time to get help Mighty Raju ride his powerful hoverboard and keep alive as possible avoiding obstacles in his endless run and chase. Explore the city, watch out the obstacles and always be prepared for the unthinkable and unpredictable.
Get Moby too, use all powerups (he can even go invisible) and free Raju’s friends..
The endless chase & hover flying can now start!

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