Operation Of Chrono

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Lead the offensive in Operation Of Chrono as the spearhead of the biggest Allied invasion in cyber code missions! Defeat the invading army and take back frontiers and liberate the city as you battle.

  • New mission mode.
  • Amazing gameplay.
  • Interesting storyline.
  • Jump and shoot weapons.
  • Keep do not die to end of mission.
  • A variety of metal commando with different skills.
  • Lots of enemies to fight.
  • Modern SCl-FI weapon designs.
  • Battle against enemy tanks and choppers.
  • Support 64bit and aab format
  • Integrated admob (banner, interstitial, incentive video)
  • Integrated in-app purchases (Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Amazon, Mac)
  • Fantastic animation.
  • Run smoothly on mobile devices.

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