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We have crafted each and every detail with extensive care and our tool is power-packed yet easy to use.
If you ever wished to create your own side runner game but don’t have a knowledge of programming or the time required to build everything from scratch, with our help you can get started very easily. Power-packed yet easy to use, our Pixel Adventure Side Runner platformer kit will save you hundreds of development hours and help you reach your digital dreams faster than ever.


!!! Important: All Project textures are under license you can purchase license HERE or use your own textures !!!


Jump into a challenging platform game adventure with the little treasure chest hunter Pixy. Touch control never been so easy and accurate. Run, jump and climb on the walls just by tapping but watch out of full level spikes and enemies. Collect coins and treasure chests throughout your quest to open new even more challenging levels

Unity 2019.1.7f1

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