Rainbow Friends


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Welcome To Rainbow Friends World !
The place where the colors meet to please you and to SCARES YOU !

Meet the Blue Monster your enemy that needs to be beaten, can You you do that ?
and of course you have a specialy power ''CardBoard Box'' to hide from the blue monster, use that to defeat the enemy !

You and your friends being asked to help a mysterious blue monster to collect all items that being fell over and lost such as blocks or lights, it's all for rainbow friends blue monster boy. But when you trying to find the blocks you must beware of the jumpscare of rainbow friends blue monster and other color like green boy, red or pink monster boy. Complete every stages and chapters to know more every secrets and lore behind it.

- Based off of the classic story
- Interactive storybook
- Beautiful, colorful illustrations
- Original and innovative gameplay
- Retail packaging
- Rainbow Friends 3D graphics

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