Ranmen Master - Complete Unity Game

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THE Ramen Master use healthy materials and delicious recipes to greet customers with a smile on her face. In the game, you can operate many Ramen restaurants, learning a variety of traditional and innovative noodle dishes, to meet the different needs of customers! Earn huge profits, buy more props to upgrade your kitchen, and challenge more levels!

The rich variety of Ramen!
- LEARN new recipes to provide more rich dishes.
SIMPLE and easy to use!
- The warm service, to cater to the special tastes and needs of customers, so that every customer to satiate Guests feel at home.
TENSION to stimulate new levels!
- DIFFERENT regions, more than 300 new and interesting levels, so you can not stop!
UPGRADE new items!
- UPGRADE your restaurant, and own your dream Ramen town! All kinds of props, to help you easily perfect and complete, do not fall a star!


Requirements :
Unity free license version 2021 or later
macOS and Xcode for build iOS

Current version –
Unity  2021.1.16f

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