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Rat&Cheese is original game concept which was created by our team.

Rat love cheese and its home. The rat is lost. Track it back to mouse hole. Tap and jump from wall to wall and find its home. As the mouse loves cheese collect the hidden cheese and use the cheese to unblock different mouse characters.Be aware of dangerous traps and tricky relief. Become a Mouse Master!

Easy to Reskin 
Addictive gameplay.
Optimized for mobile
Unity Ads (interstitial && rewarded && banner).
Admob (interstitial && rewarded && banner).
Rewarded add to continue game.
Applovin (interstitial && rewarded && banner).
 Chartboost (interstitial && rewarded && banner).
Facebook ads. (interstitial && rewarded && banner).
40 unique levels.
IAP (no ads)
Nice sounds and music.

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