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Let the quadcopter drone fly and take flight with wings on fire. Be the amazing drone pilot in this new RC Spy Duty Drone Flight Simulator game 2k18. You as the protagonist, the spy drone agent, have been assigned a mission. As you are working for usa espionage, it is your duty to obtain any information against military assault. In order to achieve your mission successfully, spy over antagonists with help of rc drone fly spy flight. Grab onto your drone simulator now, and enjoy the bird’s eye view with this amazing quadcopter flight. Be the drone pilot of this great technology rc quadcopter.

As amazing spy agent & cool drone pilot, you have to investigate & gather information about gangsters plans and stop them from carrying out their plan that can cause destruction. With help of drone simulator, spy on anyone and anywhere to counter terrorism. RC Spy Duty Drone Flight Simulator 3D is the latest rc multirotor quadcopter drone flight, whereby you will learn to fly quadcopter above skies; and spy inside buildings with help of quadcopter sim to keep an eye over mafia agents and gangsters. However, this spy drone 2018 mission is not as easy as it seems to be. It is going to be tough to record mafia dealing very carefully, as their guards are always high alert. So avoid crashing rc flight with hurdles & obstacles; and make drone fly through different secret areas and hoops.

Whether there is drug deal going on, or the goons are involved in any other illegal act, record their video carefully via future drone rc simulator and call 911 to handle the situation. The antagonists are unstoppable, each time they come up with new destructive ideas and military assault. As the highly qualified spy agent, you have to achieve all tasks and missions with help of rc multirotor. Set off now for 3D rc done spy flight and accomplish all the dangerous tasks in drone simulator game. As pro secret agent and amazing rc quadcopter flight pilot, make your drone fly above the skies in this big city spying over mafia and recording their unlawful acts via rc quadcopter drone. Brace yourself up now for RC Spy Duty Drone Flight Simulator game and control rc quadcopter intelligently and smartly for the most thrilling adventure in this 3d drone game 2k18.

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i Bought 2 games and both games have lots of errors and they changed the all game functionalities, and i asked for these errors with them but intensionally asked for more money to rectify those errors Dont buy games from them they gave false codes these bastards have spaming people

22 January 2023, 13:10:37

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