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Once upon a time, in the village of Sonic guy and people are living very happy and peaceful. Until one night, while all was sunk in deep sleep. Then a witch came and cursed the village, causing the color to disappear and the light was dying.

You are one of sonic shadow heroes who free runner. You found something creepy, something special and you are running to follow that…


huggy wuggy

squid game doll

five night

friday night.



+ Game ready to be published, ads included (gley plugin)
+ Small apk size 49mo
+ Project Version Unity 2018.4.36
+ Support 64bit
+ Color full HD graphics and fun animations
+ Support touch controller on device
+ Make a level so quick and easy
+ Easy to reskin, easy to play, easy to understand, total in c#, perfect to learn.
+ Works on all platforms, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc

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