Tiny Pixel Farm - Simple Farm Game

Unity 2019.2.17f1 or newer, Use 64 Bit Ads and in-app purchase ready install Easy for Reskin

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Welcome to Tiny Pixel Farm, the most popular miniature style farming game on phones and tablets.

Take the weed-ridden ranch, get out of the farm you inherited from your grandfather and turn it back into a lively farm with lots of animals and guests.

Once you get life back to your farm, wild animals like wolves, foxes and rabbits can appear. Increase your friendship level and get them all.

Your ranch has overnight accommodation. Depending on the animals and what facilities your farm has, different guests will come to stay. Upgrade your guest rooms and attract them all.

You sell everything from livestock to animal products here. Customers will periodically stop by to make purchases. Upgrade your shop to get more customers and earn coins faster.

Surrounded by animals and friends, let's harvest more and more!


hi, can you provide an apk demo, not in google play store

11 December 2023, 15:34:22

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