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Stack and fortify your tower with powerful weapons to conquer your enemies! Experience a blend of action and strategy in this mobile game. Build up to 6 tower floors, upgrade them with diverse

weapons, and engage in deadly battles. Enjoy the perfect mix of action and strategy on your mobile device or tablet. The game is ad-ready for Android & iOS.


• Upgradable Tower & Weapons: Elevate your tower's strength by upgrading it with various weapons.

• Up to 6 Tower Floors: Strategically build your tower with up to 6 floors to fortify against enemies.

• Variety of Deadly Weapon Upgrades: Arm your tower with a range of deadly weapon upgrades for ultimate combat.

? Different Fabulous Heroes: Choose from various fabulous heroes to lead your battles.

? 7 Special Powers: Unleash 7 unique special powers to turn the tide of battle.

• In-App Purchases: Enhance your gaming experience with in-app purchases.

• Made in Unity: Crafted using Unity 5.6 for a robust and immersive gaming experience.

• Available for Both iOS and Android: Playable on both iOS and Android platforms for wider accessibility.

• Easy to Reskin: Simplified reskinning process to customize the game according to your preferences.

• Easy Ads Network Integration: Hassle-free integration with ads networks for effective monetization.

Demo Apk:

Experience the tower-building action! Download the demo APK here or here.


Last Update 16-12-2023

• Updated to Unity 2020

• Bug Fixes


An updated version is available in the dropdown menu at a slightly higher price due to the time invested in updating. Thank you for your understanding.

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