Tractor Demolition Derby: Crash Truck Wars

Tractor Demolition Derby: Crash Truck Wars sellunitysourcecode

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Do you like playing giant vehicles destruction games? Are demolition derby games are challenging and fun to play? If yes then welcome to this new Tractor Demolition Derby: Crash Truck Wars game of 2018. The farmer tractors are used for farming but this time the farming tractor driving skills are meant to be demolish fighting trucks and monster cars. Usually demolition derby is a competition in which cars are driven into each other until only one car is left running, however in this derby battle there are giant trucks and heavy duty tractors that are crashing into each other for survival. As a American destruction driver's see how long can you survive the competition. In this wreckage driving simulation game fun little wars are going on among tractors and big rig destructive trucks. The Russian banger went on the rampage and wrecked the big cars.The main mission is to wreck, damage and demolish as much enemy as possible.

This is open world US Truck driving and racing game where as a reckless driver you have crash all the tractors and trucks by smashing hits and firing missiles! Tractor crash engine occurs when the sturdy large machines bang with rival truckers. Driving the big machine of steel in the crash arena against eager demolish-er vehicles is not easy task, you have to smash and destroy 18 wheeler trucks while sustaining minimal damage to your own indestructible long vehicle. Drag you opponents by tractor pull and push in the most thrilling whirlpool demolition derby game of 2018.

So Let's buckle up the driving seat belt of roaring engine vehicle to play the ultimate derby destruction battle game. You have a chance to become new demolition derby legend by smashing your rival monster vehicles to rubble and thrash them into pieces. You can upgrade the power of monster trucks and farming tractors by picking the health packs and missiles from derby turf. It's time to Show up your extreme driving skills and stunts monster derby stunt mania.

Play, destroy, conquer and dominate Russian trucks in the vehicles wars arena.

You can play two different modes in tractor demolition derby: Crash Truck wars game:
- Endless battle field mode in which you have to damage the maximum power pulling vehicles without time limits.
- Carrier mode in this mode you have to demolish the indestructible AI trucks as they're nearly indestructible. There is a time limit in derby turf for this destruction battle mode.

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