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Kids really do love and enjoy playing a Unicorn game which is dressed up as an angle. An endless and most cheerful running game with Angle horse. Really, Do you love Unicorns, Horse Games, Angle Games, SANTA Unicorn, or Running Horse Games ?? Play with different unicorn skins and with both male unicorns and female unicorns. We have Female Unicorns like Butter Cup Unicorn, Rosemary Unicorn, Lyra Unicorn, Queen unicorn, Sparkle unicorn and also male Unicorns like Alize Unicorn - Horse, Marcello Unicorn, Elwyn Unicorn, Starburst unicorn, Rainbow unicorn, Santa Unicorn, Super Panther unicorn, Spidey Super unicorn, Captain Super Unicorn, Aqua Super Unicorn.
Go to an adventurous land where you can have fun by running, sliding, jumping, dashing, and flying. You know, what's more, you can upgrade your unicorn to SLIDE, JUMP, FLY, DASH & RUN through the magical Candy land. The gameplay is pretty simple. You just have to follow the game's challenges & make sure each one of them is fulfilled so that you can collect coins for upgrades.

 UNIQUE UNICORNS TO UNLOCK: Unlock all the unique unicorns along with Super Unicorns and have fun in an endless running adventure game.
- game ready to be published, ads included (gley plugin) & ironsource mediation(Admob,fan,unity ads)
- small apk size 64mo
- Project Version Unity 2018.4.36
- support 64bit
- easy to reskin
- Escape from Obstacles with Hoverboard, Wings, and Jetpack.
- Amazing High-Quality Graphics.

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