US Survival Battleground


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This is the best survival battleground ultimate shooter game for your mobile.

This is a third-person shooter game that will give you the best user experience in a real world

Best single-player vs AI opponent game with amazing graphics and playback music.

Fire and focus on your enemies with accuracy, and have fun.


  • Impressive 3D graphics with 360 degree camera angle
  • Best AI and real life animations plus environment
  • Distance in term of cm will help player to aim his target
  • Multiple cloth, caps, shoes,pents etc
  • Player can do perfect aiming and shot system
  • Survival Battleground give you thrilling experience of the Free fight
  • Amazing gun fire sounds and best humanoid animation
  • Document + APK + Source code
  • 64-Bit Supported
  • Unity 2019.4.28f1 or Above
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Easy to reskin
  • Very realistic gameplay
  • Smooth controls + User Friendly
  • Awesome and advanced shop based UI
  • High-Quality Graphics

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